What's New !!!

Wait time for ALL items has been significantly reduced. Staffing has been increased and many items ship within 7 days or less!!
Some even sooner! Jackets, Tunics, Pants,(Blasters* and Recharge Cylinders, Insignia and Patches)
Recharge Cylinders can now be ordered as seperate pieces. They are Item# BG-04R and are sold in sets of three. Cost is $14.95

We are still shipping using FedX so tracking numbers are now provided when each and every item ships.
*There has been a nasty rumor going around about our replica blaster.
It was prototyped and manufactured for us by one of Hollywood's premier FX houses. It was NOT recast from an existing item.
Rest assured you are getting the BEST Colonial sidearm in existence!

Our fulfillment location has changed, however our email will remain the same.

Viper Helmets:
We may have found a top notch manufacturer that can live up to its promises. It has been an uphill battle to bring these to market without going overseas.
The initial production run is to be 250 units, with 91 already preordered.
PreOrder pricing is 499.95. The helmet is fully lit, with full closed cell foam interior and military style head suspension system. No payment is required until the helmets are ready to ship.
If you'd like to preorder a Viper helmet, Galactica model only at this time (Pegasus models will follow soon after our initial delivery) please send us an e-mail with your Name, Address, and Contact Phone to:

Viper Helmet PreOrder

YES! Cylons are ready to be ordered. Delivery of a complete functional Cylon costume with 6 phrases, optional voice changer and moving eye (with sound) are ready!

It is either wearable as a costume or mountable on a mannequin.
Click here for a picture. More to follow during the next few days.
The Cylon is an exact replica of a screen used costume! Cost is 4895.95 with all accessories except the Cylon Rifle.
If you'd like to order a set of Cylon Armor, please send us an e-mail to:

Cylon Order
*Since this is a very limited run item it will NOT appear as a regular catalog item. Many parts of each one are manufactured specifically to the customers' measurements or desires.

It has been brought to our attention that the Shopping Cart program used by us has some problems with AOL's Browser. If anyone knows why it works for SOME AOL users but not others, please let us know! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Commander Adama's Medallion is also READY!
We have them available for shipment immediately. Cost is 32.95.

New products in the queue include:
The Cylon Rifle [Later Version]
The Languatron
The Warrior Watch [Both Styles]
*Prototypes are in and they look amazing! The complete Gamoray Jumpsuit
Carillon dresses in many colors

Many additions to the site itself are planned in the coming weeks. Our Gallery section will play host to the most important aspect of our business...YOU. Yes, send us a picture of yourself with our products and we will post it in the gallery. We have, to date not received enough photos! Come on people, show us how proud you are to be a Colonial Warrior!

The Media section is finished and will include Audio and Video clips from the show as well as never before seen footage and photos of behind the scenes. We still await final approval from Universal Studios. Interviews with key crew members are slated for posting as well!

*Help wanted: Do you think you have the ability to produce and/or fulfill our rapidly increasing orders? BattlestarGalactica.org is looking for all types of artisans, manufacturers, and outside sales people. Think you have what it takes? E-mail us!


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